As a Multi-Family Office (MFO), we are keenly aware of the unique needs of each client. Our holistic approach to family wealth management is personified by the comprehensive counseling services our in-house team and network of industry partners can provide to meet the full scope of a family’s financial and lifestyle needs.


Family governance is a well-defined process for establishing good communication and decision-making channels between all family members which is critical to maintaining stability. At Liberty Point Solutions, we believe this process is built on five pillars for success:

Family Coaching
Defining a Family Mission
Establishing Family Values
Specifying the Family’s Core Purpose and Meaning In Life
Creating a Family Story based upon how individual members live their lives

Following this process encourages healthy relationships between family members and helps to ensure that each member is on the same page regarding the stewardship of family assets so that everyone is speaking with one voice to individuals and entities outside of the family. Utilizing our vast experience, we help you set up a governance model and guide you through the implementation process.


Multigenerational wealth management requires a coordinated approach across a wide range of complex issues. To this end, Liberty Point Solutions can act as a family CEO and/or CFO to manage the family’s affairs across multiple disciplines. We establish effective processes to protect your family’s wealth through unexpected life transitions and as a bridge across generations. Primary services include Investment Strategy and Asset Allocation, Financial Investment Management, Family Business Valuation and Consulting, Real Estate Management, Consolidated Reporting, and Leadership Training.


Wealthy families need creative and effective tax planning strategies to minimize the taxes they pay both on current income and accumulated assets. The Liberty Point Solutions team is experienced in helping our clients navigate the complex world of tax planning, including, but not limited to, the use of deductions, retirement plans, family trusts, charitable giving, and conversion strategies. We can work with your family every step of the way, from formulating tax strategies to preparing and filing tax returns.


With our core team and trusted adviser network, Liberty Point Solutions brings years of experience and expertise in a range of fiduciary matters, including the administration and management of investment vehicles such as trusts, foundations, business investments, and luxury assets. Additionally, we can serve as your family’s designated agent under a Power of Attorney or a Durable Power of Attorney or advise on the choice of power of attorney privileges.


When it comes to long-term financial planning, every family has unique needs. At Liberty Point Solutions, we help families understand how to manage and preserve wealth for the future. The best practices we have developed and the strategies we have implemented have helped our clients achieve legacy continuity and sustain their wealth for generations. However you see the future of your wealth, we can help your family prepare, including Family Business Continuity Planning, Family Succession Planning, Estate Planning, Gifting Strategies, Life Insurance Strategies, and Prenuptial Agreement Strategies.


Many of our clients want their legacy to extend beyond the family into areas they are passionate about, such as charity, foundation, or philanthropic initiative that aligns with their values. Liberty Point Solutions provide support and advice for structuring your charitable and family gifting. This includes implementing tax-efficient Giving Strategies and guidance on the best way to set up a Family Foundation. If the family desires, we can also act as a Chief Philanthropy Officer (CPO) to support and facilitate the work of a family’s private foundation board.


We can help a wealthy family manage every aspect of life more easily, so there is more time to enjoy life’s pleasures. Working with a network of trusted partners, Liberty Point Solutions offers Daily Money Management Services to handle day-to-day financial affairs, including managing day-to-day cash needs and fixed deposits, paying bills and staff, overseeing property maintenance, and more. For more complex needs, we also offer Concierge Services which might include areas such as travel and accommodations, appointments, event arrangements, or household staff recruitment and management. Whatever is required, we can tailor services specifically for your family’s needs.

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